Tip of the Week: Three Quick Advocate Site Tips

  • 5/4/2007
  • Pro Bono Net

Short Links
Sending an email with links to your advocate site? Concerned that long URLs may break, take up valuable page space, or not fit with your layout?

A link abbreviation tool is available on the advocate template, listed under the "More Utilities" heading in the Admin Inbox. Click "Create Link Abbreviation" and paste the long URL into the "Long Link" field. Click "Create Short Link" and the system will give you a new shortcut link that you can cut and paste into emails or documents.

TIP: You can use this tool with any website URL, not just URLs from your advocate site.

Browse Your Site
Want to show off your advocate site, but don't want to confuse viewers with administrative settings and features when you log in? Use the "Browse Mode" feature, which allows you to see the site as your users would, without the Edit buttons and administrative settings. To enter Browse Mode, click the "Browse Site" link, located in your admin links on the bottom of the left navigation column. To return to the default "Edit Mode," click the "Edit Site" link that appears once you are in Browse Mode.

TIP: Even though you don't see the admin tools, you will still see the administrator settings when you add new content from your tool pages, so you can still share, approve, and assign topics to new content when in Browse mode.

Report Errors
Have you ever encountered an error message on your advocate site? Did you know that there is an easy online form that you can fill out to report an error directly to Pro Bono Net? Using this form helps to ensure that we collect all of the information needed to diagnose and troubleshoot the error.

When you log-in to your advocate site as an admin, you will find the Feedback form at the bottom of the Admin navigation box on the left column. The Feedback form asks for detailed information about what you were doing when the error occurred, where it occurred, and other information helpful for troubleshooting.

The form also asks you to upload a copy of the error page you see. In order to upload the error page, you must first save it to your hard drive as an HTML file. In your web browser, go to the File menu, select Save As, and then choose Web Page, HTML only from the "save as type" dropdown. Then, you can upload this saved file directly to the Feedback form.

If you have any questions about these admin tips, please contact your Circuit Rider.

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