Tip of the Week: Using LawHelp's Usage Reports

  • 4/27/2007
  • Pro Bono Net

Did you know that you can gather usage data for your site for both public and admin users? The LawHelp usage reporting tool can be accessed under Reports > Usage in the admin interface. There are three types of usage reports:

Summary Report: A breakdown of total public page views during a given time period

Detailed Report: Page view report on individual resources and organization profiles

Admin Usage: A log of admin user sessions on your statewide site

The LawHelp template automatically runs monthly and year-to-date reports for the Summary and Detailed reports. These can be accessed by clicking their respective Report Archives links.

You can also run custom reports to cover other date ranges. All reports can be downloaded as CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, which can be saved and manipulated using Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

NOTE: Both the Summary and Detailed reports include a filter that allows you to exclude page views by logged-in admin users.

Full instructions, as well as other information on using the LawHelp reporting tools, can be found in the SWEB library here:
(must be logged into SWEB to view)

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