Alaska Tech Coordinator Job Posting

Strange though this may seem, I'm posting a position announcement for my own job. I'm retiring from Alaska Legal Services Corporation on June 8 and would like to get the word out to the LawHelp community about this job opportunity.
Here's a link to the posting and I have also attached the notice as a Word document.
Among other chores, my successor is going to need to coordinate work on two LSC TIG projects. One of these is a continuation web site grant (this will need the final narrative report written up about six months). The second is a new TIG project titled "The Pro Se Divorce Companion: How to Represent Yourself in a Contested Divorce Case When You Cannot Afford an Attorney." This is a CD-based family law course for pro se litigants that incorporates video and other multi-media features. We are just completing our first quarter of work on this project.
Although applications need to go to Executive Director Andy Harrington, I'd be happy to answer questions about what this job entails. Fairbanks is a great place to live, and ALSC is a great organization.
Beth Heuer
Administrative and Technology Coordinator
Alaska Legal Services Corporation
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