National Center for Youth Law Launches!

  • 3/19/2007
  • Tracy Schroth
  • National Center for Youth Law (NCYL)
  • Source: CALegalAdvocates (Decommissioned) >
The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) is pleased to announce the launch of! As part of NCYL's Teen Health Rights Initiative, this new website is designed to help CA adolescent health care providers understand the many laws that impact their work, with a focus on reproductive health.

The site contains information produced by NCYL as well as other organizations specializing in adolescent health care. It includes:
- Minor consent, confidentiality, and child abuse reporting laws, including guidebooks, charts, and wallet cards
- An "Ask the Experts" section
- Upcoming events and trainings
- Articles on adolescent health issues
- Materials and information from other adolescent health care organizations
- Links to outside resources for providers
- Information on laws in other states

Among the commonly asked questions answered on
- When may providers share health care information with a parent?
- When must providers report consensual sexual activity to child abuse authorities?
- Who may consent for a patient's care when neither parent is available?
- What are the current laws affecting adolescents' access to abortion services?

Please visit! NCYL wants this site to be helpful to you and would appreciate suggestions and feedback (click on the link at the bottom of "About the Teen Health Rights Initiative" box on the homepage).
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