Tip of the Week: Using filters on the organizations admin page (client site)

  • 3/9/2007
  • Pro Bono Net

By default, the organizations page on LawHelp under Add Content -> Organizations shows all organizations in the Lawyer channel. You can use the pull down menus to automatically display different organizations based on different criteria.

You can filter organizations using the following menus:

Organization Type:
If you wish to view Organizations of a particular type, you may select that Type from the pull down menu. Doing so will hide organizations of all other types. If you wish to view all organizations, simply select "All" from the pull down menu.

Appears in:
If you wish to view only those organizations that appear in the lawyer channel or as resource authors, you may select "Lawyer Channel" or "Resource Authors" from the pulldown menu. If you wish to view all Organizations, simply select "All" from the pull down menu.

Hint: To see organizations that are neither resource authors nor appear in the lawyer channel, select "All". Selecting "All" will also show organizations without any associated subtopics.

Show Child Organizations:
Check this box to display organizations that have been designated as children in addition to parent organizations. Child organizations will appear indented below the parent.

Note: Only those child organizations that meet the "Organization Type" and "Appears in" criteria selected above will be displayed.

The page will automatically refresh as you change your selections.

If you have any questions about finding your organization profiles, please contact your Circuit Rider.

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