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Tip of the Week: "By Location" vs. "By Service Area" (public site)

Monday, March 05, 2007

  • Pro Bono Net

If you want to display organization information by county in the Directory, you can choose one of two tab options for your site users.

The "By Location" tab displays all of the legal services offices physically located in a given county.

The "By Service Area" tab, on the other hand, displays all of the legal services offices that serve clients in a given county.

Put another way: under the "By Service Area" tab, an organization that accepts cases in five counties will appear in all five counties, while under the "By Location" tab, it will only appear in the one in which its office is located.

Because the difference between these two options can be a bit confusing, we encourage you to select one and disable the other. This can be done by clicking on Page Intros-->Directory Page in the LawHelp administrative interface. You can also use this page to edit the labels that appear on each tab.

Please contact your Circuit Rider with any questions about the Directory.


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