LSC Announces Pro Bono Initiative

  • 1/31/2007
  • Legal Services Corporation
  • Source: Georgia

On January 19-20, 2007, the federal Legal Services Corporation's Board of Directors met at LSC headquarters in Washington, D.C. for its annual meeting in 2007.

The Board Committee on the Provision for the Delivery of Legal Services ("Provisions Committee") was presented with LSC's strategic plan to more effectively increase private attorney involvement with LSC grantees in the delivery of legal services. The plan, entitled "Help Close the Justice Gap, Unleash the Power of Pro Bono," lists a number of ways that LSC's Board of Directors and LSC staff will work to increase private attorney involvement. LSC has designated OPP Program Counsels Stephanie Edelstein and Guy Lescault to serve as staff resources to assist in this effort. The plan was reviewed and unanimously adopted by the Board.

To view the plan in PDF format, click HERE.

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