Tip of the Week: Showcasing External Listservs

  • 1/25/2007
  • Pro Bono Net

Did you know that you can use the Listservs tool to highlight external listservs not hosted on your advocate site? The Listservs page divides content into Area Lists and Other Important Lists. Under the latter you can display relevant external listservs to your site members. To add an external list to your site:

1. In edit mode, click "Add a list" at the top of the right column on your listservs page.

2. On the form enter the title for the external listserv.

3. Select "yes" in the External List field to indicate that you are adding an external list, i.e., one not hosted on your advocate site.

4. Enter a description of the listserv. Since it is an external list, you should include instructions for joining the list, possibly providing a link for users to send a subscription request to. Note: this is an ActivEdit field.

5. Skip the Internal Settings fields go directly to the Settings fields to set your admin options. Hit the Save button at the bottom of the form and you're done!

Here is an example of a page displaying both internal and external listservs:

This TOW from last year highlights useful national lists that you might consider showcasing on your advocate site:

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