Tip of the Week: Help Users Jump to the Point with Jump Links

  • 11/20/2006
  • Pro Bono Net

If you need to post a lengthy document on your LawHelp client or advocate site, one way you can help your readers jump to the point more quickly is to provide a table of contents at the beginning of dynamic documents using HTML "jump" links. Jump links allow users to see all of the main sections of a document without scrolling.

Take a look at the following dynamic document from that uses jump links:

A list of links is provided as a table of contents at the top of the resource, each of which "jumps" the reader down to the corresponding section within the document.

Jump links can also help users skip ahead to the most relevant sections of HTML manuals or other lengthy resources on your advocate site. In longer documents, don't forget to include a "back to top" link at the end of each section.

Creating jump links in dynamic documents is not hard using the ActivEdit tool. Visit the online ActivEdit tutorials to walk through each step: Choose #7 Hyperlinks, Part 2.

We've also prepared detailed written instructions, which you can find in SWEB: (log in to view)

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