Tip of the Week: Are you Using Short Profiles?

  • 11/10/2006
  • Pro Bono Net

Are you using short profiles on your client site?

What are short profiles, you ask? They are a tool on the LawHelp template that allows you to create simple, one-page profiles for community organizations, social service agencies, and/or court programs. You can find short profiles along with your other attachment options (e.g., Links, Documents, Dynamic HTML documents and FAQs) when adding new resources.

Several states already use short profiles. For example, Michigan, Montana and New York have devoted entire resource channels to providing information on court programs and community services.

Some examples of how you might use short profiles (not actual programs):

Court Program

Social Service Provider

NOTE: You can modify the labels that accompany data on short profiles by clicking "Short Profile Page" under the FORMS section on your admin side. To make short profiles available along with other attachment options, be sure that "Profiles" is checked in your resource channel attributes. To do this, click on "Channels" under the SITE SETUP section on your admin side.

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