Tip of the Week: Managing your Listserv

  • 10/30/2006
  • Pro Bono Net

During the last template upgrade, a number of enhancements were made to the listserv tool, including an update to listserv commands. The most popular of these commands are listed below. In each case, you will need to replace [list alias] with the alias for your listserv. For example, if a listserv was created using the email address, then the alias for this listserv would be "tipoftheweek." To use these commands, simply send an email with the appropriate command in the "To" address box. It is not necessary to put anything in the subject line or body of an email for these commands to work.

[list alias]
This is the most basic command, which posts a message and/or attachments to list.

[list alias]
This command sends a message only to the list's moderators.

[list alias]
This command replaces the old "Get-Members" command, and sends an email containing member listings (it is no longer necessary to put "Get Members" in the subject line). This command only works for list moderators.

A user can use this command to subscribe to a listserv.

This command will automatically remove the user sending it.

If a user wants to subscribe only to the digest format, they can use this command.

If you have questions about how to use these commands or listservs generally, please contact your Circuit Rider.

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