Tip of the Week: Using Demo Mode on the Client Site

  • 10/19/2006
  • Pro Bono Net

Did you know that you can preview "inactive" resources and features on your state site without having to make them "active"? Demo Mode allows you to view inactive channels, topics, subtopics and resources.

To Enter Demo Mode:
In your browser's URL address bar, enter the following URL: (where XX is your state's postal abbreviation)

In the site header under your logo, "You are in demo mode." will now appear in red text.

To Exit Demo Mode:
Close all of your open browser windows. Next time you open your browser and type in your site's normal URL, you will access your "live" site.

Because this feature does not require a user to log in, you can use it to share portions of your state website that are under construction with stakeholders and other non-admins in your states.

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