Tip of the Week: Shared Search Filters in the Admin Inbox

  • 9/15/2006
  • Pro Bono Net

As you have probably found, there are thousands of shared documents in the system currently available to be uploaded to your advocate site's Library, News Page, Calendar or New Cases page.

The new Shared Search Filters enhancement from the August 2006 upgrade will help you more quickly find shared content that is most relevant to your site visitors. You can use this new feature to limit the shared content you see in your Admin Inbox to only the areas you want.

Now when viewing shared content (selecting "shared content from other areas" from the status dropdown), there is a new link called Shared Inbox Search Settings. Clicking this link brings you to a page with a list of all the websites in the Pro Bono Net advocate network.

This list shows all the Geo areas as folders with practice areas as subfolders. You can select the checkbox next to the folder name to exclude all content from a geo area and its practice areas. You can also click the "+" to expand the list to show the active practice areas in each site. Each practice area can be excluded or included for fine-grained control over the viewable content.

For example, if you were looking only for shared content regarding asylum law, you could select everything except the Asylum Law checkbox. Your Admin Inbox would then only display the content from the national Asylum Law practice area, allowing you to quickly add the relevant shared content to your website.

Shared Search filters are user-specific so every admin can have their own shared content filters. You can also change your settings at any time which is handy when looking for content regarding specific areas of law or within a geographical area.

For more information regarding Shared Search Filters in the Admin Inbox, please contact your Circuit Rider.

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