Anatomy of a Mini-Portal Page

The mini portal page has 4 basic sections. The header and three columns. Each have slightly different customizable features.

The Header

In addition to typical information a header highlights (name of the page/purpose/branding) the mini portal allows admins to embed a YouTube hosted video, or a picture of your choice. At set up, simply let us know the video's URL or attach the picture (in a .jpg or .png format), and we will embed it into the widget. For information on changing your picture or video after it's set up, check out our FAQ section.

Please be aware: Your video or picture must be 400 X 225 pixels. We will embed the video at this size during the set-up process, but if you are using a picture, please provide it at these dimensions.

The Body

The body of your portal page is split into three columns. Each column can contain the following:

  • CKeditors- allowing you to enter text, links, images etc through the front end of the page.
  • Content widgets- dynamically pulling in content from a content page and can be edited on the admin side.

Below are the default settings, however you can chose to structure your portal however you would like.

Left-Hand Column

By default the left hand column has three CKeditors for you to customize with landing pages, links to resources on your LawHelp website or link to other websites (such as court sites). This is static content. You can request fewer than three editors, or space for a content widget, in the setup form. You can access and change the icons through the CKeditor, here are instructions.

Center Column

By default, there is room for two content widgets in the center column, which will pull materials you designate (via a content page) from your statewide website. You can pull materials in based on Topic or Category, but one best practice is to have a tag set up for each widget, and use star ranking to display the materials you designate to appear in this widget. These content pages will pull in information dynamically as you set up the website, and that new information will display in your widgets. You enable the widget itself in the admin view of the content page.

The Right Hand Column

By default, this is one static CKeditor. You can request additional editors or space for a content widget on the setup form.

To Get Started

Once you have read through the entire toolkit, please complete this form. You can find a downloadable version of this form here, however please note that we will only accept forms submitted online through this form.