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LSNTAP Community Training Series - LEP 201: Tips and challenges in expanding LEP capacity in different technology contexts (2012)

The past 3 years has seen a proliferation of online and web-based initiatives addressing the legal needs of those with limited English proficiency using different technologies (web sites, online forms, machine translation, etc). As these initiatives mature and are ready for replication, we are in a position to share how to replicate LEP capacity through technology in various languages. During this 90 minute webinar, we will share lessons learned and tips for easier adoption. From creating content translation using machine translation tools, to exploring the potential of memory translation never before used by legal non profits, to modifying commonly used tools specifically for this population in API languages, the creation of LEP content still requires additional resources and important considerations before jumping in. Please join us and our panel of innovators to learn how the current environment may impact your creation of online LEP tools, how to identify potential hurdles, new advocacy opportunities, and lessons that might make the path for your projects easier.

LSNTAP Community Training Series - Innovations in Technology-Enabled Pro Bono: A Special Pro Bono Week Training (2012)

This webinar explores novel yet replicable approaches to mobilizing and supporting volunteers. Attendees learn about remote pro bono services to reach clients in underserved areas; new pro bono initiatives using online forms for document assembly, screening and more; and mobile initiatives to market cases and support volunteer attorneys. This 90 minute webinar also discusses the legal aid, court and bar partners involved in these initiatives and the roles they play.

LSNTAP Community Training Series - Evaluating Online Intake: What are we learning? (2012)

An informal survey of the legal services community last year showed that almost 30 organizations were now using some type of online intake system to help screen and review eligible new cases. A few of those programs have now had systems in place for at least a year. What is our community learning about online intake? What are the data point we are using to measure success and make changes to these systems after they have been in place? How have intake staffing models changes over time? This 90-minute training discussed the formal, and anecdotal, data on how online intake is transforming our delivery of legal services.

LSNTAP Community Training Series - Online Resources to Assist Self-Represented Litigants (2012)

In this webinar we explored new and emerging ways to use online tools to assist those with legal problems and needs who are not able to secure the assistance of counsel. We reviewed tools being created by courts and legal nonprofits-with focus on video and tutorials. Examples were offered in high demand substantive areas like foreclosure and family law. This webinar is helpful for those looking to reach a broad diverse audience to guide them and provide them valuable information, so that they can better help themselves. We featured initiatives in WA, TX, and CA, and Ohio.

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