Creating a Resource

The LawHelp platform gives you the ability to create both simple and dynamic, resource-intensive resources. This is a short guide to get you started. For a more in depth look resources, check out the Introduction to Resource Manager webcast. For the complete Admin Training Guide, click here.

Once you've decided what Resource you want to upload or create, log in as an admin- this will take you to the admin dashboard.

You can create a resource either by selecting "New Resource" under the "Resources" tab, or click the link in the upper right hand corner of the admin resource page.

The General tab allows you to fill in general information about the resource. There are only two required fields, the language and the name of the resource. However, the more information you provide about your resource, the easier it is for your user to find and identify the resource.

This includes:

This Tab is where you actually upload the resource itself. For most resources, you will leave the "Layout"option as the default. To add content, click on the type of resource you are going to upload under "Add Module".

You can upload almost any type of resource. For more information on each, click on the type of resource.

Simply select the type of resource you would like to create, either upload it (in the case of an An attachment (such as a .pdf or any file type) or an Upload an audio file ) or fill in the appropriate fields (such as in the case of a Direct links to an external page, HTML, Frequently Asked Question, Events, Resource Link or Alerts ).

You can have multiple modules in one resource- that means that if you have a video and accompanying .pdf materials, you can keep them in one resource by just adding multiple modules. BUT you can only have one file type per resource module. For instance, you can only have one .pdf, or one .mp4 in each module. To upload more than one .pdf or .mp4, you can add another module.

You can delete a module by clicking the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the module.

Be sure to click Save before you go onto the next tab.

The other tabs, Topics, Coverage, Categories and Tags, will allow users to find the resource you just created. For more information on how to complete these fields, click here.

Once you have completed all the relevant tabs, click "DONE" to publish your organization.

And you're finished!

Do you have more questions? Check out our FAQ.

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