Setting Up Your Mobile Site

Once you have decided to go ahead with a mobile site, please view our Mobile Site Platform Training. This is a necessary first step to create your site. If you have any questions or concerns after viewing the training, contact Pro Bono Net at or get in touch with your contact person.

After viewing the Mobile Site Platform Training you can go ahead and fill out your Mobile Site Set Up Form. The following information will be requested:

  • Your site name
  • Channel Names and Logos
    These are typically "Legal Information" and "Find a Legal Provider" (or some variation on those). You can also request a third channel for additional information such as clinics or court information.
  • Navigation Bar Labels
    Typically, these include your home button, information about your organization, a feedback form, and a link to go the full site.
  • Text you would like users to see on the following pages
    • About Us
    • Help
    • Terms of Use/Disclaimer
    • Privacy Policy
    • Intro text to the Feedback form and forwarding email address
      Click here for samples of stock text you can use for these pages.
  • Icons used for the resource and organization channels
    Click here for a pdf list of the LH3 icons for your use.
  • Number of content items to display on content pages (20 by default)
  • Interactive Options
    • "Email Resource" function
    • Callback Request form

Once you've submitted the Set Up Form to Pro Bono Net, Pro Bono Net will set up the tags for you, and you will need to tag your content. When tagging your content, be sure to review what you are tagging, to make sure it is optimized for your new mobile platform. For an overview of what you should take into consideration, check out our article Mobile Content Considerations.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments feel free to contact us at, or reach out to your Law Help contact person.