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Mobile Site Launch Timeline

This is for illustrative purposes only! Your site will timeline may be different.

Month 1: View the Mobile Platform Training and contact Pro Bono Net with any questions you may have. Complete and submit the Mobile Set Up Form. Once we receive the form from you, we will create your Mobile Tags.

Month 1-6: Review your content and tag the content you want to appear on your site.

This is will be the most time and labor intensive part of the process for you. You may wish to start this review before you return the Setup form. Please read through Mobile Content Considerations before starting this process.

During this time, you will have access to a "preview" version of your mobile site to test and refine your mobile content.

Please note: This can take as long as you need, please just tell Pro Bono Net when you would like to launch the mobile site, and any acceleration/delays in that process.

Please review our Content for Your Mobile Site page for some stock language and pages for your site.

4 Weeks Prior to Launch: Set a tentative launch date with Pro Bono Net.

10 Days Prior to Launch: Confirm with Pro Bono Net your desired launch date.

Launch your site: Materials to announce your launch are available here. PBN will create a Google Analytics profile to track usage of your mobile site when you launch.

Post Launch: The statewide admin will maintain the content on the mobile site with Pro Bono Net support.


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