Mobile Content Considerations

When deciding which resources to display on your mobile site, there are several unique considerations your program should take into account.

It may be helpful to think of your mobile platform as it's own website, with its own content development plan, and content maintenance. Some things to consider establishing as early on as possible:

  • What are your overall content goals?
    • Are you planning to have a lot of information on just a few highly popular topics available on your mobile site?
    • A little information (the top two or three resources for instance) available on all your topics?
    • All content available on your full site also available on your mobile site?
  • What are the responsibilities of the State Admin vs the Topic Owner or Organization?
    • Who will write the mobile title or description?
    • Who will review it for accessibility or accuracy? Who will ultimately decide what content is appropriate for your site?
  • Does your organization have a plain language or readability standard or plan? How will this apply to the content on your mobile site?

If you have some of these questions answered in a document before you start reviewing content to tag for your mobile site, it will make the process run much more smoothly. Here is an example of a content development and review plan for a full LawHelp site. It may help to create a similar plan for your mobile site.

Once you have a structure and a plan in place, it is important to review each piece of content consistently and use the same criteria for all the content on your site. Some things you may want to consider about the content specifically:

  • Format. Make sure that the format of your content is mobile-friendly. If you have many resources containing links to external sites, review them to ensure that they are mobile compatible. Some Hotdocs and A2J forms may be too complex to access to on a mobile device. However, if you want users to have the option of emailing themselves a link, you may want to maintain this content on your mobile site so they can access it from the full site. You may also want to review pdfs for their readability on mobile devices.
  • Text Length. Sometimes the most complete materials are not the best materials to display on a mobile site. Few users will read 64 pages of information on their phone so it may make more sense to choose the 1 page flyer that distills the information, rather than the long booklet that provides all the information on the topic.
    • What content is especially valuable in the "on the go" settings?
    • Is the content structured and scannable by mobile users?
    • Typically chunking texts (such as answers to questions) and bullet points work well on mobile devices.
  • Graphics. Graphic intensive content will not show up well on mobile devices because of their size and the power of the browser. You can create an alternate resource with fewer graphics, if the resource you want is too graphic-intensive.
  • Language. Starting your LawHelp mobile project is an excellent opportunity to review the content you have for plain language and readability. Shorter words and shorter sentences not only help users read and understand the content you provide, but will also make it easier to see on a mobile device. For more on plain language and readability, check out
  • Links. You may have resources that are links to outside sites. These sites may not be optimized for mobile users. You will have to decide if you want to maintain only links to mobile sites on your mobile site, or if you want to keep all resources with outside links.

Some content will be fine as is, while other content may be wholly inappropriate for the mobile site. Most, however, will be in the middle. Knowing how to spot these pieces of content, and whose responsibility it is to edit them if necessary will make the process of launching and maintaining your mobile site easier. For more information on the LH3 Mobile Site, view our Mobile Platform Training.

Please review our Content for Your Mobile Site page for some stock language and pages for your site.

If you have questions, or would like help thinking through what content should be made available, feel free to reach out to your contact person at Pro Bono Net, or contact us as