This toolkit will provide you with basic information on how Google Analytics works in the context of LawHelp. It provides an explanation of the standard analytics available and where you can find them, how to use the analytics, information on more customized statistics, additional resources, and frequently asked questions.

Be sure to also view the brief, introductory Guided Tour of Google Analytics below and for the latest updates, best practices, and resources on Google Analytics - check out our LawHelp Blog Feed below the jump.

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What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a free web tool that generates statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources. Google Analytics is the main reporting system used by sites.

Why is Google Analytics important?
Google Analytics helps you understand the traffic that comes to your website. Understanding this can help you with reporting to stakeholders, analyzing your site's content, identifying problem areas, and thinking through how to improve your site.

How can I use Google Analytics for my needs?
There is no simple answer to this question. The analytics you might need and how you might need them depend on a number of factors. See the Frequently Asked Questions section of this Toolkit for a more detailed response to this question.

If I have additional reporting needs beyond Google Analytics, what can I do?
If your reporting needs are not met by Google Analytics, reach out to Here is what we will need to provide you with the report:

  • A two-week notice so that our developers have time to run your report, as well as when you will need the report
  • A date range for the required metrics
  • What analytics you will need i.e. pageviews, users, etc. Please be specific
  • What channel, topic, category, pages, etc you will need
  • Any other additional information that may be relevant

What information will I need from Google Analytics for IOLTA and LSC reporting?
Please refer to the section on your LH3 site reporting needs for more information.

Standard reports/information in Google Analytics  

Where can I find statistics for grant reports?  

Customizing Google Analytics  

Frequently Asked Questions  

Other Resources  

Additional Questions/Need Help?
Please contact the HelpDesk with any Google Analytics questions.

Special thanks to Gwen Daniels and Lindsay Ditto at Illinois Legal Aid Online for additional input and guidance on using Google Analytics for statewide legal aid websites.