Who is using your site? Which members visit most? What documents do people download the most? What content do people view the most? Once on your site, what search terms and search phrases are visitors using to find information? Reports tell you all this and more. Read on to find out how to run reports as well as what you may find in them.

You can access the Reporting tool by:

  1. logging into your site (either practice area or Geo area)
  2. clicking on the Admin Inbox link in the Admin section

Once in the Admin inbox, you will find two different ways to access site reports (for your geo area and/or practice area(s)):

  • Area Utilities section - select "View reports" option to search for specific site area reports.
  • Site Reports section - simply click into the site report you wish to view for that area.

You will find monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports, a text file version, and details on the run date of each report.
Once you click into a specific report, you can jump to the following sections:

  • Membership Report
  • Traffic Report
  • Content Report

In the Geo Area reports section, you can find Combined Membership, Combined Traffic, and Combined Content reports that include data from all practice areas of the geo area into one report.
Geo Area Report Contents

Membership Report

In the membership report, you will find information on:

  • Membership status (approved, deleted, etc)
  • Membership Profile Type (pro bono, student, etc.)
  • Member Activity
  • Membership by Organization

Please note, this data does not differentiate between administrators and non-administrators.

Traffic Report

You will find data for the following:

  • Non-admin visitors (and time on site)
  • Unique visitors (total and by member type)
  • Traffic information by member organization affiliation
  • Non- admin page views - please note that if a tool is mentioned, it is for the landing page of that tool.
  • Views and download data for individual calendar, news and library resources.
    • Please note that views are page views of a resource, while downloads refers to the actual download of a PDF, Word, HTML, etc other content
  • Top referring domains
  • Top referring pages
  • Data on in-site searches

Please note that these figures account for common/known bots.

Content Report - by tool

You will find data for the following:

  • Submission data
  • Content status (approved, deleted, etc)
  • Content expiration information

For any additional reporting needs or question, please contact our HelpDesk.. We ask that you provide us with a two week window to prepare any additional information.