VLSP Can't Stop Talking About Judi Iranyi

  • 4/3/2006
  • Psyche Philips

Judi Iranyi
talks on the phone at the Homeless Advocacy Project
office while Abby Westbrook looks on.

Judi Iranyi is a fabulous and valuable volunteer. To show her our appreciation, here's what some VLSP and HAP staff have to say about Judi:

Rachel Laubert, HAP Intern

As an intern at HAP, Judi Iranyi has been my supervisor for the last few months. I really appreciate Judi's guidance both in and outside of the work I've been doing! Judi does so much for HAP and she always goes the extra mile…anytime I ask her a question, she shows up with some kind of resource for me; a book or a class schedule for something I mentioned I was interested in, or information from a seminar or class she's taken relating to something I'm working on. It's incredible that she remembers it all! Thanks Judi for all of your help and encouragement!

Martha Garcia, HAP Office Manager

Judi is such an asset to HAP! We certainly keep her busy. We would not be able to serve as many clients as we do if Judi was not a volunteer. She always comes in with a spring in her step, a passion for justice and an endless patience for difficult clients. Judi is responsibility personified: always punctual, and never absent without ample warning. She is always enthusiastic about her work.

Katie Danielson, HAP Supervising Attorney

I recently attended a home visit with Judi to see a client who had stopped coming into our office and was at serious risk of being evicted. Although the client was reticent to accept our services, Judi cheerfully followed the client down four flights of stairs and through the lobby of the building. After further conversation, Judi convinced the client to accept our services. The client was able to keep her housing and is currently connected with permanent case management and In Home Support Services. I don't know what we would do without Judi! She is a warrior. The advocacy she provides for clients is steadfast and determined. She uses the outrage she feels towards the ravages of poverty and lack of social justice as fuel when helping clients maintain their housing, acquire benefits or access services for domestic violence, mental health treatment, medical treatment or substance abuse treatment. She comes to each client with compassion, respect and perseverance.

Abby Westbrook, HAP Social Worker

We survive at HAP through laughter and volunteers. Recently, a long-term HAP client needed assistance cleaning out his storage space. I knew I wouldn't be able to do this job on my own. Before I even asked for assistance, Judi volunteered to bring her car and go with me. Cleaning out storage spaces is not the most glamorous part of our job, but thanks to Judi we were able laugh our way through it. I am very grateful to Judi for all of her hard work, support, energy, and of course laughter.

Damian Ochoa, Social Work Intern

As a social work intern with VLSP's Courthouse Landlord/Tenant Project, I cannot say enough good things about Judi. She is a remarkable person and has been a very supportive clinical supervisor. She is a true role model and an outstanding LCSW. She has a deep compassion for the clients she serves and has always encouraged me to be the best social worker that I can be. Judi is flexible, committed, determined, and dedicated to social justice. Judi is a blessing to all of VLSP and is a dynamic individual to work with. She deserves much recognition for her constant volunteer work!

Tiela Chalmers, VLSP Acting Director

My most salient experience with Judi happened pretty recently, when she called with a case involving a man who is being evicted. Judi had been working with him, not just on the social services piece of the case, but also on the legal part of it. The man's eviction stemmed from a drug-related arrest, and Judi had called the man's public defender, written letters to the district attorney, and spoken with the San Francisco Housing Authority. When I expressed some doubts about the case, I could just hear her on the phone putting her hands on her hips as she pointed out the holes in the criminal case against the client, and the terrible situation facing the man's children, should he be convicted and evicted. She is such an effective advocate that I scurried back to my desk to make calls on the client's behalf. Tenacious, devoted to her clients, persuasive - Judi is incredibly effective.

No one has more appreciation for Judi Iranyi than Tina Canas-Brown, VLSP Director of Social Services . . . Read on to find out why!

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