Room 103 closing on Wednesdays 12-5 pm

  • 6/18/2003
  • Superior Court of California

Press Release
Superior Court of California
County of San Francisco
Release Date: 6/4/03 Gordon Park-Li, Chief Executive Officer
(415) 551-5737


New Hours In Civil and Probate Division:
Effective July 1, 2003, the Clerk's Office, 400 McAllister, Room 103 will close on Wednesdays between 12:00-5:00 PM. Doors to Room 103 will close promptly at 12:00 Noon. Anyone still in line at 12:30 pm and not being helped at a window will be asked to submit their papers for processing later in the day. Papers will be file-stamped for that day, but will not be available for pick-up until after 2:00 PM the following business day. If you wish to have your papers mailed, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided that will be large enough to contain the papers to be returned. Pick-up boxes will be available in Room 103 for those of you who want to personally return and retrieve your papers. Please attach a specific cover sheet to your papers, which will clearly identify them, showing either the attorney's or law firm's name or the name of the courier service.

Per Diem Fee Increases:
Effective July 1, 2003, "Per Diem" fees per GC 68086(a)(1) and 68086(b)(1), will be $280.00 for one-half day or less (any period of judicial time during a morning or afternoon session) and $560.00 for one full judicial day. If session goes past 5:00 PM, an additional half-day will be charged. Pursuant to CRC 892(e), "Unless the Court orders otherwise for good cause, a half- day fee shall be charged for any matter which lasts more than one hour. A full day fee shall be charged for any matter lasting more than four hours". Proceedings in any case which continue past 12:00 Noon shall constitute two, one-half days. These fees include a 10 percent surcharge pursuant to GC 68087.

  • Civil Procedure / Administrative Law