California Attorney Wins Two Awards for Fighting Domestic Violence

  • 3/11/2009
  • Legal Services Corporation
  • Source: CALegalAdvocates (Decommissioned) >

Minouche Kandel, staff attorney at the Oakland-based Bay Area Legal Aid, has won two awards for her work representing victims of domestic violence-an attorney of the year award from California Lawyer magazine and a family law award from the Legal Aid Association of California.

California Lawyer recognized Kandel for her victory in a state appellate court ruling that ultimately established the responsibility of judges to provide an explanation when denying requests for temporary restraining orders. Kandel's client in the case had been denied the order, without a hearing, despite evidence showing that she had suffered repeated physical abuse by her husband. The Legal Aid Association honored Kandel for her direct representation of clients. She received the award on Feb. 25 at a Family Law Conference hosted by the association and the state's Administrative Office of the Courts.

Bay Area Legal Aid Executive Director Ramon Arias said, "Minouche exemplifies the best in our profession and is a tribute, not only to Bay Area Legal Aid, but to all legal aid attorneys that work extremely hard for their clients for very little pay and, often, without recognition."

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