August 2006 Volunteer of the Month Michael Nader

  • 8/1/2006
  • Psyche Philips
  • VLSP

VLSP Volunteer Michael Nader Helps Nonprofits Play by the Rules

"I spent most of my youth playing baseball," says Michael Nader, a volunteer attorney for VLSP's Community Organization Representation Project (CORP). But this article isn't about Mike's love for baseball. It's about his dedication to helping community organizations. Mike runs trainings for nonprofits to educate their staff about employment issues such as discrimination, managing within the law, and essential personnel policies. He also provides pro bono litigation and counseling services. His dedication to CORP makes him August's Volunteer of the Month.

Mike is always ready to step up to the plate for nonprofits in need of help. When asked why he is so dedicated, he didn't have to think twice. "The organizations I work with are contributing directly to the common good by providing services to the poor, the homeless, the disabled, and the elderly. It's my hope that my seminars and counseling services keep those organizations free from legal disputes and thus free to focus on the important services they provide to the community."

CORP is VLSP's transactional and business law project. CORP assists community-based organizations serving low-income and disadvantaged communities in the Bay Area by matching them with pro bono attorneys that coach them on everything from getting incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit to labor, real estate and tax laws. Many small nonprofit organizations cannot afford professional legal advice, and it is volunteers like Mike who train them to stay prepared so they don't get blindsided by a legal curveball.

"Mike is an insightful and engaging presenter, and we are lucky to have such a strong working relationship with him. He has educated hundreds of nonprofit staff on essential employment law topics, and his capacity building workshops help organizations avoid expensive mistakes," says Pierre Stroud, Community Programs Manager.

"My dean at Notre Dame Law School would often say that the lawyer heals divisions and disputes in society, and works to establish a common good," recalls Mike. "I see VLSP as a unique opportunity to fulfill that professional ideal." Mike hits home runs on a regular basis for his clients, but the best part about his pro bono work is that in the end, everybody wins.

For more information about CORP, please contact Haydée Alfonso at 415-782-8914 or email her at

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