Mission and History of Probono.net

Pro Bono Net is a national nonprofit, founded in 1999, dedicated to increasing access to justice. Through innovative technology solutions and expertise in building and mobilizing justice networks, Pro Bono Net transforms the way legal help reaches those in need.
Today, Pro Bono Net works with a broad network of access to justice partners to close the justice gap. It's programs: 

  • Empower the public with information and self-help tools to improve their lives.
  • Equip advocates with the resources to make a stronger impact.
  • Mobilize volunteers to expand help available.

Launched in 2000, probono.net/bayarea site was the third site to launch in the probono.net network. It became a model that more than 25 other regions and states in the country have adopted. Go to www.probono.net to visit other sites in the probono.net networ and learn more about Pro Bono Net's programs.