How to Get Involved

How To Get Involved?

Are you looking for a lawyer? is a lawyer-to-lawyer network. We do not provide a referral service for clients looking to find a lawyer. If you are a client and need to find a lawyer, there are instructions on how to do so under "Pro Bono Guides," one of the options on the main menu. There you will find information about how to find a lawyer or a legal service office in your community.

Are you a private practitioner? You can join one or more practice areas. Just go back to the main page, go to a practice area, click on "Join this Area" and submit the information requested. Within a day, you will get a password and can start participating fully in the practice area.

Are you a law firm? There are a number of ways for you to support First, you can get your lawyers to join practice areas and use it as a resource. You could easily use as the primary way for your lawyers to find opportunities and training for their work. Second, you can provide financial support. In addition to the Open Society Institute, receives support and is soliciting additional support from law firms. is a 501(c)(3) corporation. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact us at

Are you a legal service provider or public interest law group? There are a number of ways to get involved. First, your staff can join a practice area and get involved. Having the expertise of the legal service community is critical to building an effective online community of public interest lawyers.

Second, there might be an existing practice area that covers your geographic area, and you might be interested in placing cases for volunteer lawyers in the practice area. In this situation, you should contact us at and/or the host of the particular practice area to discuss these issues. The goal is to expand practice areas so that, where appropriate, they include and involve more than one legal service provider. The details of how such collaborations will work must be worked out, however. We are committed to working with other providers to give them access to existing practice areas.

Third, you might be interested in constructing a new practice area for your organization or community. If so, contact!

Are you a law school clinic or law student? We welcome your involvement in any of our practice areas. We look forward to having the resources and expertise of law schools added to our community. Please contact or the host of any practice area if you are interested in discussing such a collaboration.