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National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

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Resources for media professionals and advocates.


NCRCR contests seek to educate the American public on the impact of the courts and the importance of civil rights.

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La Campaña Nacional para Restaurar los Derechos Civiles es un movimiento independiente que trabaja para asegurar que nuestros tribunales protejan y preserven la justicia equitativa, la imparcialidad y las oportunidades. Alcanzamos estas metas creando conciencia, difundiendo nuestra labor y estableciendo alianzas.

Explore the Courts

Provides information on the inner workings of the federal courts and Supreme Court justices.

Human Stories

True stories about real people and real cases that impact civil rights in the US.

Issue Areas

Fact sheets and other sources on each of the Campaign's key issues, brief descriptions of current key cases, and links to what people can do to get involved.


Webcasts and transcriptions of our audiovisual work.


Campaign and partner reports, analyses and publications.

Resources for Kids and Teachers

Things you can do, Diversity 101, links, resources, and more.

Things You Can Do

You can protect civil rights in your community. Help the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights (NCRCR) spread the word, telling everyone that what happens in the courts affects our daily lives. Get involved, bring your friends, family, and neighbors together to regain justice in our courts and affirm our civil rights.