Featured Volunteer December 2014: A thanks to all LASO Volunteers

  • 12/19/2014
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

LASO Volunteers make a difference! 

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We’ve had a great year at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma.  During 2014 volunteers have invested in justice through pro bono work with low-income individuals and seniors.

Why do they? 

There are many positive outcomes as a result of pro bono assistance, but the most important has been the feeling created by the thanks they receive from the clients our volunteer attorneys have served.  Let's hear from them.

Why I did…

"I've been blessed to have a thriving private practice, and I do Legal Aid representation to provide justice to those who can't 'buy' it and to give back."

“Satisfaction in helping clients who may not have the resources to fight their legal issues”

"It is extremely rewarding work because it makes a large impact on an individual that you'll get to know. You get to see how your legal efforts impact a person's life."

“Volunteering for Legal Aid gives personal satisfaction and recognition.  It makes you feel grateful for what you have.”

Reflecting on the personal impact of pro bono representation, "Service to Legal Aid reaps double rewards-- to the client and to the pro bono attorney as well. I feel like pro bono work makes me a better person."

"In private practice we are often representing people of means and defending private rights. Legal Aid cases give us a chance to defend the human rights of those people who have become lost in the system."

LASO is grateful to all our supporters and pro bono attorneys; thank you for all you do to provide equal justice for all!  Your support changes lives every single day! 

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