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Thursday, April 11, 2013

  • Eric Hallett
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

A few weeks ago I met a client at the courthouse 30 minutes before a docket call. We were there for our first appearance on a request for temporary orders in a divorce action. My client was concerned because her husband was showing signs of drug use again, and she was worried about him having their child unsupervised. A drug test was needed but there was no request on file for that relief, and this particular judge appreciates a motion on file before bringing an issue to the Court. Worse still, I had never discussed the issue with opposing counsel.

I had two problems. First, I didn’t have much time; second, I didn’t have access to my forms bank and research on drug testing requests. However there was an easy solution: HotDocs.

From the law library I logged into my account and accessed the Motion and Order for Drug Testing in the HotDocs library.  Next, I just had to select the correct client file and answer a few questions. Within minutes I had completed and printed a Motion, Order Setting Hearing, and an Order to test my opposing party for drugs. The Motion was filed; and opposing counsel had time to review it before the docket call.

Technically, the motion was not before the Court. However when my opposing counsel confronted her client about the issue, he admitted that the test results would not be favorable. Before I left court that day, I had an agreed Order for the opposing party to take a drug test and an agreement for supervised visitation.

In an increasingly fast-paced and mobile world, it is good to know what resources you have available to meet your clients’ needs whenever and wherever they arise. Take some time today to reacquaint yourself with all the quick and easy document preparation tools in the HotDocs library and expect better outcomes for your clients and yourself!


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Visit our HotDocs forms library provided for Legal Aid volunteers or attorney's working on a matter pro bono for  low-income clients.




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