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Veterans’ Issues Committee Takes Lead in “Sooner Stand Down” for Veterans

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

  • Daniel G. Webber, Jr.
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Image: Craig Reffner and John HeatlyOCBA and Legal Aid volunteers saw approximately 35 homeless or otherwise indigent veterans, identifying 40 separate legal matters or problems. The event took place October 18 and 19 at the Homeless Alliance resource center during the annual “Sooner Stand Down,” a joint project of the Veterans Administration and several social service agencies, which provides services and winter clothing to hundreds of needy veterans. The veterans ranged from those who served in Korea to those recently returned from Iraq or Afghanistan wars. A few legal matters were resolved on the spot.  Legal Aid has taken 16 of the matters. We are working to get the other matters, which range from probate questions to bench warrants, assigned out through the OBA’s statewide “Lawyers for American Heroes” program or OCBA volunteers.


To volunteer to assist one of these veterans, contact Dan Webber, 239-6040, or Michael Mullins, 235-1768.

Veterans Issues Co-chair Daniel G. Webber Jr., stated, “First, thank you to all the volunteers that worked the clinic last week.”  In addition to Craig Reffner, Legal Aid Staff Attorney, the OCBA members included Dan Webber, John Heatly, Robert Gilliland, Charles Goodwin, Jimmy Goodman, Herb Graves, and Stan Evans. “OCBA members should be proud of President John Heatly, who led by example and took the first shift.”


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