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Red Tie Night

Saturday, March 03, 2012

  • Barbi Davis
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

It was early in 1991 when a small group of Oklahomans came together to discuss ways to help the growing number of individuals living with HIV/AIDS in our state.  HIV/AIDS was a newly developing and poorly understood disease that was beginning to move into the spotlight. Several national organizations — with the support of many high-profile celebrities — were beginning to hold fundraisers for HIV/AIDS research. With the realization that very little help was available to Oklahomans with HIV/AIDS, the group formed the Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund (OACF).

Since that time, OACF’s efforts have raised over $10 million for the cause and it all started with what has become the largest single-evening fundraiser in the state: Red Tie Night.

 The success of the first year drew much attention to Oklahoma AIDS Care Fund’s efforts and cause. Within seven years, the Red Tie Night committee grew from the original 17 members to more than 50, as did the attendance and money raised. By the ninth Red Tie Night gala, 100 volunteers hosted more than 900 guests to earn over $500,000 for AIDS work in Oklahoma. Over the last six years, proceeds have topped $1 million per year.
The Oklahoma Aids Care Funs supports a comprehensive approach to combating HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma. We believe the HIV/AIDS services in Oklahoma are only as strong as their providers — and we support Oklahoma’s service partners by helping provide the resources and tools needed for developing and maintaining their community-based initiatives. 
Craig and Barbi at Red Tie Ball 2012

Legal Aid's HIV/AIDS Legal Resource Project director, Craig Reffner and paralegal, Barbi Davis attended Red Tie Night on March 3, 2012.
Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma is one of the many recipients of Oklahoma Aids Care Fund support. 



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