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Celebrate Pro Bono: A National Pro Bono Conversation

Sunday, October 23, 2011

  • Dianna Emerson
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service sponsors National Pro Bono Celebration week annually.  This week the event will be October 23rd through October 29th and celebrated by the ABA and state and local Bar Associations.  Many legal aid and other organizations leveraging the services of volunteer lawyers to serve clients and support their organizations are heading their own celebrations during the last week of October.

 The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service had begun a National Pro Bono Conversation to encourage fresh and creative ideas for the pro bono community.  Join this discussion to explore way that we can frame a new way of thinking about and delivering pro bono services.

Help shape this approach by sharing your inspired ideas and comments on the blog set up specifically for this discussion: 

What has worked for you?   What are your best ideas and experiences?  What changes are needed and how might they be accomplished?
What are the most effective collaborations and partnerships?
How can the private and public interest bars work together most effectively to provide access to justice for all?

A national conversation can seed new initiatives and new approaches throughout the country; please join in this dynamic exchange of insights and ideas.


New questions will be posted every Monday and Wednesday throughout the Fall of 2011.  You may comment on current as well as older posts.  Your voice needs to be heard.

Please leave a comment and come back often to continue the conversation.

As part of National Celebrate Pro Bono Week, October 23-29, 2011, all responses received by then will be summarized and published on the National Celebrate Pro Bono website.


Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma's Statewide Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Goble, participating in the conversation. 

Question One:  How to Meet Unmet Needs?

Question 6: Role of the Judiciary?

Please participate in this conversation!  Working together we can impact the future of access to justice!


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