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Legal Aid Volunteer, Mia Vahlberg, helps family

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

  • Karen Langdon
  • Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.

Legal Aid Volunteer, Mia Vahlberg,helps family recover from unscrupulous moving company...

Mia Vahlberg, a Tulsa attorney with Gable & Gotwals, worked on a pro bono case for the Tulsa Law office of Legal Aid Services of oklahoma that turned into a community project. A local television station contacted Legal Aid seeking help for a family whose home had been ruined by the neglect of a moving company. Half the house was moved, the roof torn off and left to rot for months in the rain, snow, and elements! Mia stepped in, filed a lawsuit against the moving company and the family of 6 received compensation for the damage. The family was able to finally have their home intact and volunteers helped with some of the repair and cleanup.

What a partnership! Thanks, Mia, for helping this Oklahoma family!


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