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How Volunteerism Shapes Professional Success

Monday, July 17, 2006

"How Volunteerism Shapes Professional Success," published by Markitects, analyzes why professional women volunteer their time and what they get out of it.

More than eight in 10 women surveyed say they began volunteering out of a desire to help a cause, group or community, the study says, with more than half beginning their volunteering before age 22.

Leadership was the most frequently cited skill respondents say they developed as a result of volunteering, followed by communications, fundraising and budgeting, the study says.

More than a third of respondents volunteer for a social-services or community-based organization, almost one in five for a business or professional group, and about one in 10 work with cultural groups or health-related groups.

More half give three to 10 hours of their time each month, with almost a quarter volunteering more than 10 hours, the study says.

Professional women tend to give to the nonprofits they volunteer for, with half of those surveyed giving more than $1,000 annually and more than one in 10 giving more than $5,000.


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