NYS Bar Foundation To Offer Free Legal

  • 6/6/2004
  • VLSP
  • Source: New York > Rochester / Finger Lakes

The New York Bar Foundation, the charitable and philanthropic arm of the New York State Bar Association, will now offer free legal services to the nonprofit law-related organizations that it helps fund.

"We believe that this program will add a significant new dimension to the Foundation. Instead of just providing money, the Foundation will now make available to grant recipients legal advice and guidance from a uniquely experienced and talented group of advisors: the fellows," said Foundation President Robert L. Haig.

Under the new program, grant applicants may specify the particular types of legal services they are requesting in the Foundation's new grant application form.

According to Haig, the program looks to capitalize on the experience that many fellows have in working directly with nonprofit law-related organizations and to focus the fellows' expertise on the operations of such organizations.

Prior to the start of this new program, the principal activities of the Foundation were to solicit grant applications and to provide financial support to legal services organizations and other entities. The primary role of most fellows on behalf of the Foundation has been to provide financial support. Many fellows have expressed an interest in doing more. This new program provides fellows with opportunities to do so.

Nonprofit law-related organizations that are applying for grants from the Foundation should request the pro bono legal services of a fellow on their application forms, and fellows interested in participating in this program should contact Sue Fitzpatrick at or (518) 487-5561.