Non-Parent Custody CLE and Child Support CLE - January, 2012


The Non-Parent Family Law CLE offered training for volunteer attorneys

to handle matters including custody, visitation, guardianships and adoptions.

Tom Martin covered nonparent custody and visitation matters; Margaret

Burt discussed adoptions and guardianships; and Greg Franklin discussed

adoption issues including financial considerations of adoptions.

The Child Support CLE addressed an overview of Section 240 (1-b) of the

Domestic Relations Law and Section 413 of the Family Court Act; an overview

of Family Court procedures and modification proceedings; and provided sample

materials pertaining to child support and opting out language required under the

new statute.

Left to right Mary Beth Conway, VLSP Family Law Attorney,

CLE presenters Margaret Burt,Esq. and Gregory Franklin, Esq.

Both CLEs were taped and will be available for viewing online,

as well as on DVDs.

Thomas Martin, Esq., presenting during the Non-parent family

law CLE. Tom was a presenter for VLSP's Child Support CLE, too!

Margaret Burt, Esq., presenting during the Non-parent

family law CLE.

The CLEs were held at the MCBA's Rubin Center for Education

at the Telesca Center for Justice - right next door to VLSP's offices.

Gregory Franklin, Esq. and Margaret Burt, Esq. during the

non-parent family law CLE.

Charles Inclima, Esq., Suzanne Brunsting, Esq., and Thomas

Martin, Esq. VLSP's Child Support CLE presenters.