Campaign For Justice - November, 2010


Carolyn Nussbaum, a partner at Nixon Peabody LLP, and Sharon Underberg, assistant general counsel and vice president, Legal Department, Eastman Kodak Co., have stepped up to serve as cochairwomen of the 2010 Campaign for Justice, the Rochester legal community's annual fund drive to support free legal services for the indigent. Fundraising calls were made on the evenings of Nov. 16 and 17 and daytime calls were made Dec. 1.


Daytime CFJ calling at WXXI

VLSP's Executive Director, Sheila Gaddis, and James McElheny, Co-President, VLSP Board of Directors

Mary Corbit, Executive Director, Monroe County Bar Association

R. Thompson Gilman, Woods Oviatt; Michael Rosenhouse; and Elaine Cole, NYS Tax Department, working the phones

Elizabeth McDonald, Dean of the Monroe County Bar Association's Academy of Law

Anthony Piazza, Hiscock & Barclay

Attorneys reviewing call sheets

Ken Perri, LawNY; Robert Stiles; Aileen Shinaman, University of Rochester; and Denine Carr making calls

Mary Ross, Harter Secrest

Ready for evening calling at Ward Greenberg! CFJ Co-Chair Carolyn Nussbaum, Nixon Peabody, and Sheila Gaddis, VLSP's Executive Director

Briefing volunteers before calling begins

Opening remarks. Eileen Buholtz, Connors and Corcoran and CFJ Co-Chair Sharon Underberg, Eastman Kodak Company

Asking friends for money is easy! David Boysen, Harris Beach; __?????__; Robert Hooks, Woods Oviatt; and Jack Battaglia, Woods Oviatt

Reviewing the calling guide. Karen Bailey Turner, Brown & Hutchinson and Michael Schnittman, Lacy Katzen

Attorneys looking through contribution forms for friends and colleagues to call

Samuel Tilton, Woods Oviatt; Steven Schwartz, Wealth Design Services; and James McElheny, Woods Oviatt

Jerry Wein, Empire Justice Center and Mary Connors, VLSP

Calling begins! Harold Kurland, Ward Greenberg

Elizabeth Wolford, The Wolford Firm

Edward Nowak, retired Monroe County Public Defender

Melanie Shiree, VLSP; Sheila Gaddis, VLSP; Donna Hall, VLSP; and Rashondra Jackson, Rochester City School District

Tabulating Pledges

Frank Novak, Harter Secrest

Sheila Gaddis, VLSP; CFJ Co-Chair Sharon Underberg, Eastman Kodak Company; and Alan Harris, Legal Aid Society of Rochester

Sue Tebor, Harris Beach

Richard Curtis, Lacy Katzen


Donna Hall, VLSP and John McQueen, Nixon Peabody

Lou Prieto, Monroe County Legal Assistance Center

Prizes for callers who get the most pledges!