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Art of Lawyering Workshop - August, 2009

Cathy Tobin; Chamberlain D'Amanda; Natella Reinstein, Chamberlain D'Amanda; Candice Leit

Jessica Patrick, Harter Secrest & Emery; Hon. Karen Morris; Sharon Stiller, Abrams Fensterman

Karla Wilsey and Christopher Werner of Boylan Brown

Karla Wilsey, Boylan Brown

Marilynne Lipshutz, owner, Studio 34 Creative Arts Learning Center, instucts torchwork class for VLSP volunteers

Melanie Wolk, Goldberg Segalla

Paloma Capanna and Mary Beth Conway, VLSP

Sharon Stiller, Abrams Fensterman; Hon. Karen Morris; Kathy Glass

Sheila Gaddis, Executive Director, VLSP; Kathy Glass

VLSP volunteers including Hon. Karen Morris and Sharon Stiller, Abrams Fensterman, making fused glass pendants

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