New Brochure Helps Pro Bono Attorneys Work More Effectively with Clients

  • 3/15/2006
  • ABA Center for Pro Bono
  • Source: Pennsylvania (Decommissioned) > PA Pro Bono

The ABA Center for Pro Bono has announced a new brochure, Pro Bono Clients: Strategies for Success, available to pro bono programs for distribution to volunteer attorneys. The brochure outlines eight tips to help attorneys understand and effectively serve their pro bono clients. It also identifies resources for further reading on the topic of working with low-income populations.

A limited number of printed brochures are available to pro bono programs on request by contacting Angie Shaw at the Center for Pro Bono by e-mail ( You may see and also download a PDF version of the brochure for printing at

Both the print and PDF versions of the brochure have a space on the back panel for your organization to add a sticker or stamp with your logo and contact information.

The Center for Pro Bono thanks Martha Delaney and Scott Russell of the Volunteer Lawyers Network and Karen Russell for their work in developing and designing the brochure. This brochure was based on the work of Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

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