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Volunteers Needed To Staff Legal Aid Society Haitian TPS Hotline

Monday, February 08, 2010

  • Organization: The Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society has been identified by New York City as one of the key organizations to assist eligible Haitian immigrants in receiving Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the Obama Administration designated Haitians for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Under this program, eligible Haitian nationals will have approximately 180 days to apply for TPS. The status is valid initially for 18 months and will allow eligible Haitians an opportunity to obtain work authorization.

The Legal Aid Society has established a TPS Hotline to maximize the Society’s continuing efforts to reach as many Haitian nationals eligible to file for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) as possible, and will complement the Society’s community outreach sites established to assist Haitian nationals complete applications for TPS. The Hotline will operate Monday – Friday from 9-5. Volunteers will be trained and provided with materials to assist callers in multiple ways; volunteers will provide information on basic eligibility and filing of TPS applications, refer callers who need application assistance to the Society’s various outreach sites, answer caller questions related to pending immigration applications that may be expedited and advise callers who want to file Petitions for immediate relatives still in Haiti. The Hotline will be staffed by 2 volunteers including at least one Creole speaker. Our Immigration Law Unit staff will be available to provide support and assistance to the Hotline staff. We are beginning to staff our hotline with volunteers starting Monday February 8. Shifts will be from 9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm. Volunteers will receive a brief 10-minute overview at the start of their first shift, and will be answering basic questions about the TPS process to callers.

The Hotline will be located at our downtown Manhattan office, at 199 Water Street between John and Fulton Streets.

Interested volunteers can contact Katie Niejadlik, Pro Bono Administrator, at to register for a hotline shift.

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