FEMA Appeals Templates

About the Program

This is a project of Pro Bono Net, assisted by legal services organizations and law firms working pro bono in New York City. This interactive program does two things:

  • Creates a FEMA Appeal letter that applicants can use to dispute a FEMA decision, and
  • Creates a File Request letter that applicants can use to request their FEMA file.

Note: This free program does not e-file or otherwise submit these documents. It only generates rich text format (e.g., Word) documents that advocates or pro se appellants can then submit on their own by fax or mail.

FEMA Appeal online template links:

  • Advocate FEMA Appeal online template -- this version works on all browsers, although Google Chrome users may experience slight editing difficulty (e.g., inability to backspace with the keyboard).

Note: There is a separate version of this interactive interview for pro se individuals. It uses less technical language and an avatar to guide users through the interactive interview. It is located at femaappeals.org.


Computer Requirements

  • You must have Microsoft Word on your computer to properly view and print the completed court forms. If you do not have Word, you can download Word Viewer now for free and view and print Word documents, even if you don't have Word on your computer.
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