Counseling LGBTQ Clients in Crisis: Managing Stress & Trauma in Clients & Staff

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As lawyers, our clients sometimes come to us because something has gone terribly wrong in their life. The divorce that began as amicable has turned ugly. The will has become contested. The opposing party refused to settle for reasons that are clearly personal. No matter the substantive issue, the conflicts we navigate our clients through always have a deeply emotional component. So how do we support our clients while still maintaining our professional boundaries, particularly in the context of serving a diverse population?

In this training, we’ll discuss how crises can affect our clients, and how to help them navigate their legal concerns while maintaining a sensitivity to cultural and other differences. We’ll discuss practical tips on how to set boundaries with our clients as well as how to prepare for court and other high-intensity situations. Moreover, we will relay strategies on improving client communications. Finally, we’ll share techniques on how to support yourself and staff during difficult times. Throughout this presentation, we will discuss in particular how to support LGBTQ clients and the unique issues that affect them.

  • CLE Credit Comments: New York: 2.0 Diversity, Inclusion and Elimination of Bias New Jersey: TBD California: TBD Pennsylvania: TBD Connecticut: Available to Licensed Attorneys