Residential Foreclosure Actions in New York State 2013

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Residential Foreclosure Actions in New York State 2013 (Free)

Why you should attend

Since 2008, and the onset of the economic downturn, New York State and the Nation have experienced a sharp increase in the number of residential foreclosures. The New York State Unified Court System and the State Legislature responded with a series of measures establishing a foreclosure settlement conference framework and procedures for ensuring that documents in foreclosure cases are free of deficiencies that would prevent a case from proceeding to foreclosure. As New York State continues to grapple with the foreclosure crisis, practitioners have expressed a need for information in this complex area of the law. At this program, you will hear from distinguished experts about these and other developments in the area of residential foreclosure actions in New York State.

What you will learn
•The current court process in foreclosure actions
•How are mortgages currently held and the issues that have arisen surrounding Trusts and PSAs
•The economics of mortgage servicing from the servicers perspective
•Foreclosures from the borrower's perspective, issues dealing with banks and servicers
•How the national mortgage settlement affects cases in New York
•Pro bono opportunities

Who should attend

Judges and court staff involved in the foreclosure process, attorneys representing plaintiff and defendants in foreclosure actions, and attorneys interested in working in this field on a pro bono basis.

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