The City Bar Justice Center Honors Daphnie Stock of Kaplan, Inc for Outstanding Work with the Elderlaw and Cancer Advocacy Projects

Thursday, October 03, 2013

  • City Bar Justice Center

The City Bar Justice Center would like to honor Daphnie Stock of Kaplan, Inc. for her exceptional volunteer work on life planning issues through the Elderlaw (ELP) and Cancer Advocacy Projects. Daphnie has provided vital pro bono assistance to many low-income seniors, some of whom face difficult challenges in their everyday lives. For this population, good legal skills must be combined with patience and empathy. Daphnie has used these qualities to bring peace of mind to clients, and to their families, leaving less scope for conflict and uncertainty. In recognition of her outstanding work with the ELP, Daphnie was the project’s Epstein Award recipient for 2012.

Ms. X, a 75-year-old woman, had become entangled in a property-ownership dispute following the death of her husband. While struggling to prevent a possible financial catastrophe, she realized that her life planning documents, which had been prepared by the real estate attorney who brokered the sale of the property, did not reflect her wishes at all. She was extremely anxious to prepare new documents that would ensure that her health care and estate wishes would be documented and protected. Daphnie handled Ms. X’s case with great sensitivity and patience, coordinating with her social workers and adjusting her schedule around the client’s health setbacks. With Daphnie’s help, Ms. X now has documents that provide clarity with respect to her health care decisions and the disposition of her estate. In addition to her own clients, Daphnie consistently offers her volunteer services in any way that she can, including as a translator and by serving as a witness or notary for other project volunteers. In one case, Daphnie served as notary on a team of project volunteers assisting an 84-year-old, hearing-impaired, homebound Spanish-speaking client, to execute his documents. That she took time to do this on a weekend, exemplifies her dedication. Daphnie’s eagerness to take on complex cases and her commitment to the project is greatly appreciated.