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A.                 Where offices are located:

Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Court House

500 Pearl Street

New York, New York 10007

(212) 805-0136

Pro Se Office

Room 230 (Second Floor)


Room 120 (Lobby)


Room 210 (Second Floor)

Open File Room

Room 260 (Second Floor)

Closed File Room

Room 370 (Third Floor -- South Elevators only)

Judgment Clerk

Room 120 (Lobby)

Appeals Clerk

Room 370 (Third Floor -- South Elevators, only)


Thurgood Marshall United States Court House

40 Foley Square

New York, NY 10007

(212) 857-8500

Open File Room            Room 113 (Lobby)

White Plains Court House

300 Quarropas Street

White Plains, New York 10601-4150

(914) 390-4100


Room 156 (Lobby)


Room 160 (Lobby)

Open File Room

Room 156 (Lobby)

Closed File Room

Room 156 (Lobby)

Judgment Clerk

Room 147 (Lobby)

Appeals Clerk

Room 140 (Lobby)


B.                 Where to file documents in person:

1.                  Cashier

                        500 Pearl Street, Room 120:            Michael Lindner, Supervisor, (212) 805-0610

                        White Plains, Room 156:                        Patrick Moran, (914) 390-4010

·        pleadings & civil cover sheet

·        summons with affidavit of service

·        notice of appearance

·        voir dire

·        all motion papers

·        discovery material

·        notice of appeal

2.                  Orders

                        500 Pearl Street, Room 120                        James Finneran, Supervisor, (212) 805-0145

                        White Plains, Room 156                        In-take Clerks

·        orders to show cause

·        pre-trial orders

·        proposed findings of facts

·        stipulations

3.                  Judgments

                        500 Pearl Street, Room 120                        Michael Lee, (212) 805-9144

                        White Plains, Room 147                        Brandon Skolnik, (914) 390-4006

·        default judgments

·        civil judgments

·        bills of costs

4.                  Appeal Clerk

                        500 Pearl Street, Room 370                        Dave Thomas, (212) 805-0636

                        White Plains, Room 140                        Luis Pena, (914) 390-4013

·        notice of appeal

·        Court of Appeals forms

C.                 Where to file documents after-hours:

            Drop Box, Main Lobby, 500 Pearl Street (Worth Street Entrance)

After 5:00pm, documents may be date and time stamped, and placed in the drop box. Clerk will stamp it filed on date it was clocked. Any documents filed after 11:59pm will be considered filed as of the next day.

D.                How to file documents by mail:

You may mail documents to the Clerk of Court, Room 120, 500 Pearl Street. Be sure to include the docket number, judge's initials, and your attorney code. The documents will be forwarded to the appropriate unit.

E.                 Where to find documents:

1.                  Open Records Room of the Court House in which the District Judge sits: All Civil and Criminal case files. All cases appear on the computer docketing system.

2.                  Closed Records Rooms of 500 Pearl Street and White Plains: 

All recent Civil and Criminal case files. Older case files are shipped to Federal Archives. All cases filed after 1991 appear on the computer docketing system, many cases closed before 1991 have been fully or partially backloaded. Civil and Criminal docket sheet for most old case are kept in binders.

F.                  The Local Rules & Individual Judge's Practices

The Local Rules of the Court and Individual Judge's Practices are available at the Court's official website. Participating individual judges's practices are distributed to the plaintiff upon commencement of the action by the Cashier's Office. One set of rules per case. Plaintiff is responsible for distributing the Individual Judge's Practices to the defendants. This is frequently done at the first pre-trial conference.

G.                Case Information

You will not be able to get information about a particular case by calling the Clerk's Office. Docket sheets are available to the public via the Court's official website, If after reviewing a docket sheet in a particular case, you find a problem that needs to be resolved, then you may contact the docket section supervisor, at 500 Pearl Street, Robert Gutierrez, (212) 805-0616, at White Plains, Fiona Keegan, (914) 390-4009.

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