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What content collection/generation strategies have been successful in your state?

Who generates content?

Any unorthodox tactics for recruiting content authors, or tactics whose success surprised you?

What are some examples of innovative or especially useful/popular content in your state?

How do you determine what content is needed?

What kinds of content are pro bono attorneys asking for?

How do you determine whether content is useful to users?

How do you get feedback from users?

How have you tackled readability and usability issues?

New ways you've discovered to present content that is more user-friendly, or easier to navigate?

Ideas about how we should be sharing content more efficiently--national content and easily adapted state content? 

New functionalities/tools that you think are working especially well? 

Any other good discoveries you have made about how to make the client and/or advocate sites work well?


Do you have an outreach plan?

What players in your state justice community are assisting with marketing, and how?

What marketing activities have you engaged in?

What tactics have been most successful?

Any unorthodox tactics, or tactics whose success surprised you?

What kinds of outreach materials have you developed?

Where are you targeting your marketing efforts?

How did you determine where best to target your marketing efforts?

Do you use web stats in tailoring your marketing efforts?

How can advocate/pro bono sites be used to increase pro bono participation?

What tools are you using to get pro bono attorneys interested in using your advocate/pro bono site? 

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