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Focused on the greater New York metropolitan area, the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York ("LeGaL") is dedicated to improving the administration of the law, ensuring full equality for members of the LGBT community, promoting the expertise and advancement of LGBT legal professionals, and serving the larger community.

LeGaL recognizes the need for LGBT New Yorkers state to have access to justice. To ensure that each individual of our community receives legal assistance, LeGaL's legal services department has built a network of interconnected services: from our Helpline to our walk-in clinics, LeGaL receives more than 1000 legal inquiries each year.

LeGaL believes that the true test of any community is the extent to which it takes care of its members in times of collective struggle for justice, as well as in the seemingly ordinary struggles of our daily lives. To that end, LeGaL seeks the creation and expansion of legal services initiatives which provide meaningful consultations, referrals, and representation where possible, to members of our community.