Permanency Hearings in Article Ten Proceedings

  • Children's Rights

This training will provide a general overview of permanency hearings in Article Ten proceedings in New York Family Court. Courts are required to hold permanency hearings whenever children are removed from their home and placed into foster care or with a non-parent relative. The training will review the issues at stake in permanency hearings such as the goal for the children, findings of reasonable efforts, and continuation of foster care, and will also expand on strategic considerations for parent attorneys in disputing these issues. The training will specifically address the authority of the court to issue orders against foster care agencies regarding the placement or discharge of children, and the provision of services. Finally, the training will also cover procedural issues such as the timing of permanency hearings, and the authority of court attorney referees, and the participation of foster care agencies and foster parents.

Register at the LSC Learning Center and email all questions to There is no admittance without prior registration.


  • Michele Cortese - Deputy Director, The Center for Family Representation
  • Gabriel Freiman - Supervising Attorney, Brooklyn Family Defense Practice, Brooklyn Defender Services
  • Ryan Napoli - Staff Attorney, The Bronx Defenders