A Two-day Training On Citizenship Topics

  • Immigration

This two-day training on naturalization and citizenship in New York City is free for participating staff and volunteers from non-profit organizations working on naturalization and citizenship issues. Please note that space is limited. All participants will receive a free CD-ROM copy of the ILRC's newly updated and best-selling manual, Naturalization and U.S. Citizenship: The Essential Legal Guide (12th Edition).


  • Day 1: The first day of this training will include a review of the general requirements for naturalization including continuous residence, physical presence, good moral character, the English and Civics requirements, and the red flag issues that can cause an applicant to be denied or even deported. Additionally, we will review the various ways in which an absence from the United States can affect one's naturalization application, the best ways to complete the naturalization application (N-400), application procedures, and how to assist special groups of applicants through fee waivers, oath waivers, the 50/20 and 55/15 English exemptions, disability waivers, and securing accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • Day 2: The second day of this training covers some of the more complex aspects of immigration law, including advanced good moral character issues, how a criminal conviction can affect a naturalization application, and citizenship for children. During the good moral character discussions in the course of the training, we will delve into the reasons why some naturalization applicants could be deportable, as well as how failure to register for the selective service, failure to pay child support, failure to file income taxes, and other issues can affect one's naturalization application. Additionally, we will review how different criminal convictions can affect one's naturalization application.


  • Joshua Epstein, IDP, Senior Counsel
  • Julissa Guiterrez, Northeast Director of Civic Engagement
  • Eric Cohen, ILRC Executive Director and Attorney
  • Eric Quinn, ILRC Attorney
  • Tamara Bloom, CUNY Citizenship Now Attorney

Cost and Registration:

  • Free for staff of non-profit and private attorneys volunteering with a non-profit;
  • Private Attorney Rate - Single Day $150; Both Days - $200

To register, please complete attached registration form. Please return this registration form with payment, specifying method of payment (if you do not work for a non-profit agency). For questions, call (415) 255-9499 Ext. 789 or email to seminars@ilrc.org. No phone registrations, please.